Business Expansion in Japan

A brief overview of representative service in Japan

To find and contact candidates for sales agent, distributor, or other business partners, we get
information on target markets through access to public, private, and voluntary sectors by
connecting to the Internet, interviewing via phone and email, and direct visits to trade shows,
business and technology conferences, and commercial fairs and expos.

We focus on the following activities for your business growth:

We seek for Direct Investment Opportunities
We contact organizations and individuals that have an interest in direct investment
opportunities within the U.S. through joining a variety of business and technology
conferences and events.

We conduct Relationship Management
We update a list of agents, distributors, manufacturers, universities, etc., whom we have
contacted during the period of service. We maintain working relationships through regular
phone, written communications, and direct visits to your contacts’ locations throughout
Japan, addressing existing businesses and potential new businesses to support your
ongoing partnership. We also help you embrace sister city relationship between the cities
and counties in your state and the cities and towns in 47 prefectures in Japan.

We make Quarterly Reports
We submit a quarterly report, detailing contents and results of work and summarizing all
business development and other activities to your organization.

We make Proposals
We make proposals that are designed to maximize your satisfaction, extend their
expectation, and bring a profit to your organization.
We assist Business Trip
We develop business appointments and itineraries for your visit to Japan. We also can
employ interpreter or translator during your stay if necessary, and have a rented conference
room at a variety of locations throughout Japan.

Service Fee
We implement a customer focus. We propose within your budget and along with your
timeframe. It would be appreciated if you could spend the time in considering our service to
ensure that it meets your needs and wants to achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to let us
know what you think on what services you desire for business expansion into Japan markets.
Free estimates can be provided at the request of your organization. The minimum annual
fee is 480,000 JPY(To be discussed).

Our location in Osaka
Our 225-square-feet existing office, located in Osaka City, has phone, fax and copy machine,
personal computer, and broadband Internet connection. Post office, city library, subway
station are one minute’s, three minutes’, and three minutes’ walk from the office, respectively.

We can get to the city downtown in 3 minutes by Osaka City Metro and to Kansai
International airport, one of the largest international airports in the country in 40 minutes by
train or 30 minutes by car. We can reach Kobe City, one of the cities to open for trade and
known as a cosmopolitan port city in 22 minutes by train. We can reach Kyoto City, one of
the most traditional cities and with a lot of cultural heritages in 30 minutes by train. We also
can reach Tokyo, the nation’s capital in 65 minutes by air.

Our location in Tokyo